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About Michele Stanek, VP Real Estate Acquisitionsof Real Estate Asset Disposition

Michele Stanek has over 20 years’ experience in the default banking arena. She started her career at Ocwen Federal Bank and has held positions in the Executive Management Team with Fannie Mae, as Vice President of Bank United, and Vice President of Doral Bank in Puerto Rico.  She is currently our VP of Real Estate Acquisitions where she develops real estate acquisition & development strategies for the company. Her primary focus is to evaluate and assess potential real estate acquisitions, divestitures and development and re-development maximizing profitability for the company and its investors. As the VP of Real Estate Acquisitions Michele researches, evaluates and analyzes options and information that leads to optimal decision-making for real estate acquisitions & development. And she also oversees construction, renovation, property management and maintenance of the real estate portfolio of the company and its various funds.

In addition Michele:

  • Is a member of Mensa
  • Holds both a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree from Florida State University in International Business
  • Is a Licensed General Contractor for the State of Florida and a Licensed Real Estate Broker
  • Is a member of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office C.O.P. Marine Unit

Michele Stanek’s Contact Info:

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