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About Terry Berube, Palm Beach County of Real Estate Asset Disposition

Terry Berube became a member of the Real Estate Asset Disposition Corp family in 2001 as part-time office assistant… (Jill of all trades)… it didn’t take long for her skill and dedication to become recognized and her position quickly blossomed to full-time assistant to the Broker, learning all phases of REO. In her 19 years working side by side with her Broker/Mentor, Jim Banford, she has gained a higher level of expertise and knowledge of all things REO from start to finish.

Theresa enjoys accepting new responsibilities, following in her Broker’s footsteps she quickly began managing assets for the firms affiliated holding company, REO Acceptance. As asset manager for portfolio of assets Theresa possesses skill and knowledge of Real Estate asset management including but not limited to title and ownership research, drafting agreements, quitclaim deeds, and experience in recording of deeds throughout the U.S. Her title acumen resolving title issues has saved Bank, Lending & Government Clients time & Money.

Terry Berube’s Contact Info:

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