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Local governments become real estate owners in various ways including code enforcement liens, missed tax payments, and acquisition strategies. Public/Private partnerships can be the best solutions as dedicated personnel may not be in place with the municipality in place to manage the real estate, determine the best, and make disposition decisions. Since 2001, Real Estate Asset Disposition (READ) has become Florida’s leader in management and disposition of institutionally owned real estate. Here are a few of our many Local Government Real Estate Brokerage Services:

Asset & Property Management: We create portfolio databases, identify highest and best use, create disposition strategies, and provide property maintenance and repairs to quickly increase municipality revenue through sales.

Valuation: We provide price opinions and property site inspections to increase your understanding of market value and sales options.

Disposition: We market and broker to targeted buying segments including non-profit entities, developers, and low-income homebuyers to decrease potential blight by maintaining and improving properties.

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