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Real Estate Asset Disposition offers borrowers three distinct borrowing opportunities

    • Traditional mortgage loans including FHA, VA and conventional mortgages underwritten to Fannie Mae guidelines
    • Private Equity Loans – There are various reasons that borrowers cannot qualify for traditional mortgages including reported income, credit impairment and property type or condition. A private Equity loan may be the right solution. The loans are underwritten and funded “in-house” using company resources. We don’t require third party approval or capital so decisions and closing can occur very quickly – 2 weeks or less from completed application in most cases.
    • Specialty Loans – These are collateral based loans secured by quality automobiles. This loan is best for short terms (90 days or less) where the vehicle is not your daily driver.

For more information about our loan products and how we can help you purchase your dream home, investment property or provide funds against assets you already own, please call Jim Banford at (561) 655-6605 ext. 1

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