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The experience and expertise gained from over 10,000 real estate closings and $1 Billion in sales has allowed us to provide services that benefit Sellers who want the best price execution for their property regardless whether the client is a bank, city government or private home property owner. The services include:

    • Property valuation to understand the current market value and in the case of commercial/development assets, the highest and best use.
    • Marketing and sales to a wide array of potential buyers including our database of buyers and bidders who participated in our prior sales.
    • Portfolio management of a larger number of properties for best overall performance in buy, sell and hold decisions.
    • Clearing title deficiencies to allow for the insurable and marketable (i.e. clear title) sale of real estate.
    • Acquisition of investment properties including land, multifamily and commercial properties. Beginning with a consultation to understand your buying parameters and objectives, we can source properties both off and on market.

For more information or to enlist in our Bank Real Estate Brokerage Services, contact our experienced team at READ today.


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