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About Ricardo Gonzalez, Miami, FL of Real Estate Asset Disposition

Ricardo (Ricky) has been an active licensed real estate agent since November 1999 and from the very beginning it became his career and passion. During this time he has worked with nearly a thousand satisfied buyers and sellers. In 2007 Ricardo joined REAL ESTATE ASSET DISPOSITION to head the firm’s sales efforts in Miami Dade County and South Broward County.

In the early days of the last mortgage and financial crisis throughout those uncertain times Ricardo got involved with new laws, codes, and rules set by cities to expertly manage and sell distressed homes, working with residents who were confused with how to navigate their situation. With dedication and discipline, he managed to become one of the top 5 agents in the County gaining the trust of banks and asset management companies. Ricardo learned to manage code violations, city ordinances and held dozens of long meetings with cities to establish positive relations with local leaders and elected officials. These relationships paved the way for future cooperation to resolve code and other legal issues on behalf of the firm’s bank and loan servicing clients.

Ricardo has a long and successful record of guiding local, national and multinational clients with their real estate investment acquisition efforts, foreclosure management and sales. Ricardo has closed transactions valued at over $50 million dollars and is a member of local associations and activities related to real estate investment.

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